Dear exhibitors,

It will NOT be possible to enter the show ground without the RVT condition. The entrance to the show will be monitored by the Security System.

RVT condition: Recovered – Vaccinated – Tested

  1. a negative PCR test provided that no more than 72 hours have passed since the swab was taken, or a negative rapid antigen test provided that no more than 48 hours have passed since the swab was taken, or
  2. EU Digital COVID Certificate in digital or paper format and with a QR code (EU DCC), or
  3. a digital COVID certificate of a third country in digital or paper format and with a QR code, which must contain the same data as the EU DCC and be issued in English by a competent health authority of the third country (DCC of a third country), or
  4. a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, or
  5. a certificate of a positive PCR test result that is older than 10 days, unless a doctor determines otherwise, but not older than six months, or
  6. a medical certificate confirming that the person has recovered from COVID-19 and that less than six months have elapsed since the onset of symptoms.
Covid-19 rules

CACIB Vrtojba - Informations

- Zadnji rok za prijave 07.03.2022 oziroma do izpolnjene dnevne maksimalne kvote
- Data di chiusura 07.03.2022 o fino alla quota massima giornaliera delle persone
- Closing date for entries 07.03.2022 or until the daily maximum quota

- Zadnji rok plačila 11.03.2022
- Ultima data per pagamento 11.03.2022
- Closing date for payment 11.03.2022

Razstava bo potekala v šotoru na prostem. / Show will take place in outdoor fields / Mostra si svolgera nel campo esterno. Luogo di esposizione e distante dal passaggio di frontiera 300 m, e non serve acquistare il vignette di autostrada. / Die Ausstellung findet in einem beheizten Sporthalle statt.

Prijava / Registrazione / Registration


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