6. - 09.8.2020
1x CAC & 3x CACIB

Final statistics and schedules

Dear exhibitors,

Taking into account the instructions on the organization of public gatherings and restrictions on entry into the Republic of Slovenia, the Organizing Committee made the following necessary decisions due to situation with Covid 19. Please note that situation changes daily regarding entry into the Republic of Slovenia for citizens from individual countries. Following the instructions, we are forced to change the list of judges. The exhibition schedule is organized in such a way as to provide security for all exhibitors and the organizer, so we ask all exhibitors to follow the planned protocol of the organizer, schedule and recommendations of the NIJZ, and follow the instructions of wardens and security guards at the event. Due to limitations on maximum number of people in public areas, the daily event will be divided into morning and afternoon part by FCI groups. Upon completion of one FCI group, the BOG selection will be carried out directly in the judging round, so that only the winner will qualify for the evening BIS. The event will take place on the sports field in Mirno, with the planned area for each individual exhibitor of approximately 4x4m. All exhibitors MUST leave the exhibition space upon evaluation, so that the organizer can arrange for disinfection and preparation of the space for the next exhibitors. Parking will be reserved next to the exhibition center. The list of judges has changed due to entry restrictions into the Republic of Slovenia due to Covid 19.


Dear exhibitors!

Thank you for participating in this year’s Alpe Adria Winner 2020 exhibition.

Please print out the the attached statement form - one form is valid for each day.

You will place the signed form in the box provided for this purpose in front of the entrance to the exhibition space.

Without the mentioned form, entry is not possible.

We look forward to your participation,

Alpe Adria Winner team


You become the SLO CHAMPION with 3 CACs at 4 X CACIB

Dear exhibitors,

We are publishing final statistics and schedules for all 4 shows. Please take into account that you can not be at the show ground too early as it is not allowed to stay there for longer time because of COVID-19 messurments.
Entry confirmations will be sent via e-mail in this week, please also check spam and print them out, because they are your proof of entry.

Breeds will be devided as follows:

FCI 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - judging from 9:00 to12:00

FCI 1, 3, 9, 10 - judging from 17:00 to 20:00

Group winners (minor puppy, puppy, junior, adult and veteran) will be chosen in the rings at the end of the judging of each FCI Group. Only group winners will stay until the evening for the BIS. You can check http://www.dogshow-vrtojba.si/en/information under SCHEDULE for judges list, schedule and BIS judges.

Schedule per breeds and statistics is published below:



Hotel Perla

Hotel Lipa

Hotel Sabotin

Hotel Sabotin


Hotel Perla